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Charlotte Alexander

Charlotte Alexander

Intuitive Tarot** and Oracle** Cards, Spirit Messenger**,

Past Life** Sessions* and Past Life** Clearings*,

Afterlife Communicator**


Charlotte is available for individual, private sessions at The Metaphysical Way

1st and 3rd Saturday each month, 1pm - 6pm,

walk-ins are welcome or by appointment;
2nd and 4th Sunday each month, 1pm - 5pm,by appointment
Times may vary slightly, depending on vacations.

Charlotte is an Empath with a strong psychic lineage from both parents. Being an Empath has heightened her senses to spirit.


Since 2012, Charlotte has been providing readings with empowering messages influenced by the seeker’s Spirit Guides. The message is delivered straightforward and from the heart, it comes from a place of love and non-judgment, understanding that the seeker has reached a place of uncertainty and searching for answers and/or guidance. Charlotte considers herself a messenger, a voice for the seeker’s Spirit Guides. And, with her experience with working with Spirit Guides, they have the seeker’s best interest at heart in providing valuable insight to promote clarity.



“Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to introduce myself. My passion is to bring a deeper understanding within one’s journey. Here is my story and journey as a psychic Empath, and I embrace this stage of my life, as a Light Worker.


As a young child, I was awkwardly aware that I was different than other children. I kept to myself a lot and escaped through painting and drawing. During my youth I experienced intense vivid dreams that caused a great amount of anxiety as a child. The clairsentience was becoming more apparent entering my teens, feeling the presences of spirit and their attempts to communicate was frightening during that time. I discovered later of my mother’s psychic lineage which she was extremely private about, and stories from my father seeing the dead, which wasn’t an unusual experience for him. I remember him saying, “It’s not the dead you should be afraid of, and it’s the living ones who can do more harm.” I had to learn to embrace my genetically developed sixth sense, but that didn’t occur until much later in life. Acceptance of spirit communication started in my twenties when my deceased grandfather reached out with a message within a dream explaining through symbols his last twelve years of life, living with Alzheimer’s and feeling that he was unrecognizable to himself as the disease progressed. Psychic sensitivities continued to grow over the years with clairvoyance, past life visions, dreams and receiving messages from spirit/spirit guides.


It’s my passion to help my fellow person to bring about an understanding of their soul’s journey.


Namaste, my friend.“ - Charlotte



*Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. All 'Healers' are healing facilitators. Each individual client and their Higher Self has free will to accept the treatment or not.

**Must be 18 or older for readings/intuitive sessions, workshop and classes or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

***Must be 18 or older for Akashic Records sessions.