The Metaphysical Way





There are some things that need to be mentioned about ethics. If you are developing your psychic and mediumship abilities, you may be excited that you are able to get information psychically or from a spirit, and feel like you want to practice every chance you get. Even if you have been doing this for many years, it doesn't hurt to review ethics.

Ethical Tip # 1

If someone contacts you and tells you that you have something that needs to be cleared or removed, and you have not asked for their assistance, DO NOT PAY THEM and DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO ANYTHING!! It is UNETHICAL for ANYONE to contact you and ask you to pay them to remove anything from anywhere.

DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE and ask them to pay you to clear or remove anything from anywhere. It doesn't matter if they really do have something, it is UNETHICAL for you to contact them and ask for money to clear or remove anything.


Ethical Tip # 2

If you are having someone do an investigation of a location for you and they ask you for a payment, even if they ask for a "love offering", DO NOT have them do anything for you. It is UNETHICAL for anyone to charge to do ANY type of investigation. Contact someone else.

It is, however, a nice gesture on your part, as the client, to offer something as a love offering, whether it is monetary or a plate of cookies, for their time and effort, as long as it is not something requested by them.

Ethical Tip # 3

If you are having someone do a house cleansing for you and they ask you for a payment, even if they ask for a "love offering", DO NOT have them do anything for you. It is UNETHICAL for anyone to charge to do a house cleansing.

They can (and often do) say that they need to come back because something came back, and it will be an additional fee. While it does sometimes happen that spirits will leave during the cleansing and then come back, or not all of the spirits were cleared in the first place, if you have not paid someone, it is more of an inconvenience for them to have to come finish.

However, if you have paid someone, how do you know they did not leave something there on purpose, or send something back there so they can make more money from you.

If you are pleased with the result, there is nothing wrong with giving them a token of your appreciation, but only if it is your idea and they do not ask for it.

Ethical Tip # 4

DO NOT try to read people without their permission. This is UNETHICAL, and the same thing as invading a person's privacy.

Ethical Tip # 5

If you do have information or spirits pop in uninvited, which does happen sometimes, DO NOT give the information to the person without first asking their permission to do so.

Many people are not at all open to hearing anything from or about a dead relative, or some other aspect of their life. They may not be ready for it or it may not be in their belief system at this time. You may scare them and/or make them very angry by saying something. Or it may not be for their highest good to hear the information.

If it is something you feel is very important that they need to know, DO NOT just blurt out what it is. Be sure to ask their permission to give them the information you received.

Ask permission if you are "told" whether a pregnant woman is having a boy or a girl. Some people DO NOT want to know. They don't even want to know from the doctor, and want it to be a surprise. Ask her if she wants to know BEFORE you say anything.

Ethical Tip # 6

This one goes along with Tip # 4, but has more to do with information you receive psychically, especially about future events. 

Since everyone has free will, the future is not set in stone. And the actions of other people can affect your future and your decisions about your future. While the information you get may be A future, it does not mean it is THE future that will absolutely happen.

For example: Someone may get a psychic reading that "tomorrow you will meet the man of your dreams." Later that day, you get food poisoning from the dinner you ate at a particular restaurant. The next day you are too sick to go out of your home, and don't go to whatever place you were going to go to meet the man of your dreams. Therefore, the "tomorrow" that the psychic saw didn't happen, but instead, a different "tomorrow" happened because you had free will and decided to eat at that restaurant and order that particular meal instead of eating somewhere else. 





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