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Akashic Records***, Past Life** Sessions and Past Life** Clearings*,

Intuitive Tarot** and Oracle** Cards,

Spirit Messenger**, Afterlife Communicatior**,

Usui Teate Reiki* Master Practitioner**,  

Ordained Minister   


Jason is now available FULL TIME for individual, private sessions at

The Metaphysical Way,

walk-ins available or by appointment,

Every Wednesday & Thursday, 11am - 6pm

Every Friday 11am - 9pm

Every Saturday 10:30am - 9pm (except 2nd Saturday, 1pm - 9pm)

Every Sunday 11am - 5pm

Reiki* for people and pets
Times may vary slightly, depending on vacations.


Call Deb at 214-212-0817 to schedule your appointment with Jason.



Jason completed the

Usui Teate Reiki Master Practitioner Shinpiden Level III Course

at The Metaphysical Way.



"Since the summer of 2014, my life has changed so much, especially when it pertains to my spiritual growth.  Since taking this journey, I am trusting and allowing the Universe to place me in a position at The Metaphysical Way to offer healing energy services full-time. The feelings of fear and worry about this decision are absent; just the sense of joy, peace, and freedom linger.
I ventured into oracle cards in the summer of 2017 by purchasing my first deck. Since then, my collection has grown to over fifteen decks. I highly enjoy past life readings due to you never know what will come up. I will say an Akashic Records, Oracle Card, or Reiki Session (along with the various other healing energy modalities in the world) all achieve the same thing---what one needs for one's highest good at that moment. Depending on the session, a "clearing" typically follows to allow one (a soul) to see one's revealed life experience (emotional, physical, and/or spiritual) in a neutral way (VS judgement). When it comes to you personally determining what session is right for you, simply go with the one that you are being drawn to (trust Spirit). Always remember, "Life is meant to be enjoyed, not feared." - Jason


*Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. All 'Healers' are healing facilitators. Each individual client and their Higher Self has free will to accept the treatment or not. 

**Must be 18 or older for readings/intuitive sessions, workshop and classes or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

***Must be 18 or older for Akashic Records sessions.