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Akashic Records***, Past Life** Sessions and Past Life** Clearings*,
Intuitive Tarot** and Oracle** Cards, Spirit Messenger**,
Afterlife Communicator**, Ordained Minister
Layla is available for individual, private sessions at The Metaphysical Way  
every Wednesday, 11am - 4pm,
walk-ins welcome or by appointment;
every Thursday, 11am - 4pm by appointment;
every Friday, 5pm - 8:30pm by appointment 
Call Deb at 214-212-0817 to schedule your appointment!

Times may vary some, depending on vacations.  

Layla has always had a fascination for the "other side", as a young girl her childhood play was the work of a priestess in training. Finding little animals, or bugs that had died in the garden, she would make a proper cemetery for the creatures, bless them, bury them, and send them on into their next life. As Layla matured as a person, so did her abilities. As an intuitive, empath, medium, yogi; Layla has great compassion for her fellow souls both on "this side" of the veil, as well as those on the "other side".  She has made it her business to help those in need of guidance, love, and wisdom.  Her love for the healing arts has only grown with age and her mission is to help bring peace and healing to the individual for this will help heal the whole. 
"The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present" ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

*Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. All "Healers are healing facilitators. Each individual client and their Higher Self has free will to accept the treatment or not.

**Must be 18 or older for readings/intuitive sessions, workshop and classes or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

***Must be 18 or older for Akashic Records sessions.