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Pendulums are tools to access your guides, angels, higher self, and Universal Energy. They are not toys, and should be used with respect. They should always be cleared, your space cleared and protected, and the intention set that the information that comes through is only true and from a place of love & light, and for the highest good of all concerned before you start any session. You should always close the connection you’ve made once you finish. For this reason, caution must be used when allowing anyone under the age of 18 to use a pendulum. The minor must be responsible and understand that a pendulum is not a toy, and they must use proper procedures when using it. 


Pendulums can be used for anything from finding something that’s misplaced or “hiding”, decisions which choice is for the highest good of ones self (or someone else, if choosing a crystal or other item for another person), clearing & balancing chakras, communicating with Spirit, finding the right car or place to live, if it’s for your highest good to stay where you’re working or look for something else and where, checking food to see if it is spoiled, clearing energy from an object or location, filling an area with healing* energy or protection, or practically anything else you can think of!


Below are some basics to get you started. We offer a Pendulum Workshop each month to teach you more ways of clearing and protecting. We also offer basic charts you can use for anything in each Workshop. We have a different topic for each Workshop, and offer specific charts for the specific topic.


If you are new to dowsing with pendulums, here are some tips to get you started:

When working with a pendulum or dowsing rods, always start the session by clearing your pendulum or dowsing rods. There are many ways you can do this, but you can do this as simply as:

Pendulum: "Please clear all energies and entities that are not for anyone's highest good from this pendulum and this space." The pendulum should start spinning quickly in a counter-clockwise direction until the pendulum and the area are clear, then it normally will stop. (You can also ask for the pendulum to be cleared first, then the space you're working in.) You can ask it again, as many times as you need to, to be sure it's clear. It normally will swing in a slower, smaller circle than when it needed clearing. Or it may not move at all when it's clear. When completed, say "Thank you."

Dowsing Rods: Hold the rods apart above your head, so they both swing freely, without hitting anything or each other, and ask to "Please clear of energies and entities that are not for anyone's highest good from these dowsing rods and this space." When completed, say "Thank you."

 After you've cleared the pendulum or dowsing rods and the space, you want to fill the space with White Light and Protection, so you don't have any lower energy beings interfering with your session. You do this by asking to "Please fill this space with Love & Light and Protection." The pendulum or the dowsing rods will normally spin in a clockwise circle until the space is filled, then it will normally stop.

After your pendulum or dowsing rods and your space are clear and protected, you will want to ask to "Please show me yes" and "Please show me no",  pausing between each question to allow for the answer. It's good to ask to "Please show me maybe" and "Please show me I don't know or I don't understand the question." Sometimes when you ask the question you are not as clear as you need to be for them to answer accurately.

The pendulum may swing in a different direction, depending on who is answering. When you start working with your Guides more, you will learn which one is communicating with you.

After you've done these things, you're ready to start your session.

Clear your mind.

Then, take three deep breaths. Slowly breathing in, hold for a second and then breathing out.

Say 3 times:

"I now invoke the light of God within

I am a clear and perfect channel

Light is my guide."


Then say once:        "I ask my EGO to step aside and DIVINE WILL to step in.

I ask to be clear and shielded as usual, neutral and free of ego."


If you don’t already have a strong connection already established with your spirit guide this would be a good time to ask for him/her to step forward.  

Ask:  "I ask for my highest master guide and teacher- the one that is aligned with me to step forward."


Pick up the pendulum and hold it by the chain with your thumb and your first two fingers.


Ask:  Am I connected to my “Higher self”?            Answer should be YES


Ask: Am I connected to my Spirit Guide(s)?          Answer should be YES


Always ask permission. “May I?” and declare that all answers to be for “your highest good” at the beginning of all sessions.



Ask:  "Do I have permission to ask questions for _________(myself or another person) at this time?" If you are asking questions for another person, you must also have that person's permission to ask the questions about that person.

Should be YES, if not, your answers may be incorrect at this time.


Ask your questions for YES/NO answers.


Things to remember:

·           Do not use Should I questions.  Your spirit guide will not make decisions for you or interfere with your free will.  We learn our life’s lessons by the decisions we make.  It would be better to ask questions that start off with “Is it in my best interest to….”  Or “Is it in my highest good to….”

·          Ask specific and clearly phrased questions that can be answered with YES/NO.

·          At the end of your pendulum or dowsing session thank your spirit guide(s) for their assistance and ask that the session/circle/portal be closed.

·          As in this physical realm, courtesy is always appreciated. Say "Please" and "Thank you" when talking to Spirit, in any manner.



Ending Your Session

When you are finished with your session, whether it is a pendulum, dowsing rods, Tarot cards or any other session, thank everyone you have been communicating with, ask them to return to where they came from, and tell them that the session is closed. You can use your own wording, but here is one you can use:

"I (We) thank my (our) Guides and Angels and everyone I (we) communicated with. I (we) ask that all entities return to where they came from and that this session is closed." 







Pendulums or Dowsing Rods