The Metaphysical Way





It is very important for you to protect yourself from negative energies and negative spirits at all times, but especially when you are working with the spirit world.

Here are some, but certainly not all, protections you can use on a daily basis. Put them on first thing in the morning with the intention that they protect you throughout your day or until you put them on again the next day. Use one or more, or all at once.

 The Violet Flame

St. Germaine teaches about the Violet Flame, used to transmute negative energy to positive. When you put this around you, your vehicle, your property, or anything else, FEEL the flame transmuting the negative energy to positive, and releasing it back to the universe.

White Light

White light is the purest, highest vibration and highest energy. Imagine filling your whole body with love and white light, so full it's coming out your pores. You can then fill the room you are in with love and white light until it's overflowing. You can use this anywhere you are. Imagine it, feel it, KNOW that it is there and you are protected. Where there is light, there cannot be dark.

Bubble or Egg

Imagine yourself being surrounded by a bubble of white light, surrounding you completely, including under your feet, sealed completely. Don't worry, you can still move normally. Have it extend three feet in all directions around you. Put one around your vehicle before you drive anywhere. Put one around your house and property, especially if a storm is coming.

Golden Net or Mesh

Imagine a golden net which lets the good energy in but catches all the negative energy before it gets to you. Good to use in crowded or public places. You can put one on your front door to keep any negativity from coming in when someone comes to your home.


You can imagine and place a protective pyramid over your house, your property, even your neighborhood.


Imagine mirrors or other reflective surfaces, reflective side out, covering every opening on every side of yourself, your vehicle, your home and your property. Ask that the negativity be transmuted to Love & Light before it is reflected back to the sender.

Call on the Angels to protect you. They are just waiting for us to ask them to help us. They cannot help us if we don't ask. 
Ask them to wrap their wings around or over what want protected. Use whatever way is easier and most comfortable for you to visualize. 
Nothing is too small to ask. You are not bothering them. 
This is one of the hardest concepts for people to grasp, that nothing is too insignificant and that they are not bothering the Angels by asking them to help. 
Everyone has their own Angels assigned to them to help with anything that is asked of them. 
If you are in a situation or about to be in a situation where you may be afraid for any reason, call upon the Angels to surround you with their love and protection. 
Try this next time you want a parking place close to the door. Give them a little time to work. For instance, when you are leaving to go to a restaurant to eat, ask them for a parking place right up front when you get there. By the time you get to the restaurant, a place will be open for you! 

Archangel Michael  
Archangel Michael the Archangel of Protection. He is always ready to help us, and all we have to do is ask. But he cannot help if we don't ask. You are not bothering him by asking for his help. He can be with everyone who calls on him at the same time. 

Prayer of Protection

The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, God is.
And all is well.

from Unity Church - Closing Prayer for Protection




Pendulums or Dowsing Rods