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Larry & Deb Cline

Owners of The Metaphysical Way,

Usui Teate Reiki* Master Practitioners & Master Teachers,

EFT* Master Practitioners** & Teachers 

and Emotional Transformation* Advanced Practitioners** & Teachers,

ThetaHealing* Advance Practitioners**, Akashic Records***,

Intuitive Tarot** and Oracle** Cards, Spirit Messengers**,

Afterlife Communicators**, Past Lives**, Psychic Mediums**,

Ordained Ministers  


Larry & Deb DO NOT do readings or sessions


Larry (W0ZOC) and Deb (KE5HXV) have been licensed Amateur Radio Operators (also known as Ham Radio Operators) for several years. Larry & Deb enjoy giving Reiki to animals as well as people, and regularly give Reiki to their pets.  Larry & Deb each have over 20 years experience with the pendulum in their private and professional lives, using it most days for one thing or another.

Larry & Deb are the founders of The Paranormal Way, Your Personal Gateway to Hidden Knowledge. They do not do investigations. 


*Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. All 'Healers' are healing facilitators. Each individual client and their Higher Self has free will to accept the treatment or not. 


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