Some Agate Properties***: Concentration;  perception; analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions; helps bring emotional, physical & intellectual balance; good luck; prosperity; helps center & stabilize physical energy; gently facilitates acceptance of one's self; builds self-confidence; helps self-analysis & perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to one's attention any dis-ease that is interfering with one's well-being; encourages speaking one's own truth; helps overcome negativity & bitterness of the heart; helps heal inner anger, fostering love & the courage to start again; helpful for any kind of emotional trauma; creates a sense of safety & security by dissolving internal tension; raise consciousness; links into collective consciousness & awareness of the oneness of life; helps spiritual growth & inner stability; stabilizes aura; helps eliminate & transform negative energies;


Some Garnet Properties***: "Stone of health" it extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes it to a beneficial state; "Stone of commitment" to self, others and purpose; energizes; revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate; inspires love and devotion; helps to alleviate emotional disharmony; helps in crisis, especially in situations where there seems to be no way out or where life has fragmented or is traumatic; strengthens survival instinct; brings courage and hope to seemingly hopeless situations; helps turn crisis into challenge; promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble; can stimulate expanded awareness; can stimulate past life recall; activates other crystals; amplifies effects of other stones; helps sharpen perceptions of self and other people; helps dissolve ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serves you; helps bypass resistance or self-induced or unconscious sabotage; helps let go of useless, old or obsolete ideas; helps open heart and instill self-confidence; helps regenerate the body; stimulates metabolism; assists in treating spinal and cellular disorders; helps purify and reenergize the blood, heart and lungs; helps regenerate DNA; assists assimilating vitamins and minerals; helps expand awareness and manifestation; past-life recall place on third eye; wear in contact with skin at earlobes, finger or over heart;


Some Petrified Wood Properties***: Grounding during stressful situations; longevity stone; stone of patience & slow, steady growth toward the goal of spiritual transformation; helps connect to ancient ways by understanding primal emotions on physical & spiritual planes; brings order & structure to everyday life; assists in past-life recall by providing access to and explicit information concerning past lives, which can be enhanced by meditation with the stone; helps turn past weaknesses into new strengths; provides for strength in all areas of life; helps strengthen the back & align the skeletal structure of the body; helps with hearing loss & incontinence; helps provide insight to why the suffering of a dis-ease has occurred and to what lessons can be learned to not repeat; stone of transformation, helping to advance to the highest chosen level, to begin ascension to a higher aspect of the self, and to recognize that all actions bring one to their ultimate purpose;

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***Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. Crystals are very powerful, not to be used carelessly, not to be used as a joke, but treated with respect and used for the properties that they possess and for the highest good of all who come in contact with them. The Metaphysical Way is not responsible for adverse reactions to any crystals or jewelry. If an adverse reaction occurs, remove jewelry or crystal immediately and consult a medical professional.

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