Some Amethyst Properties***: Protection; Divine connection; purification; release addictions; guards against psychic attack; blocks negative environment energies; strong healing & cleansing powers; enhance spiritual awareness; communication with guides & angels; open & clear 3rd Eye & intuition; enhance psychic gifts; calm or stimulate the mind as appropriate; help in meditation; focus, less scattered; enhance assimilation of new ideas; help insomnia caused by overactive mind; help protect against recurrent nightmares; enhance memory; improve motivation, helping to set more realistic goals; help remember & understand dreams; facilitate visualization; promote emotional centering; dispel anger, rage, fear, anxiety, sadness & grief; encourage selflessness; sleeping with amethyst facilitates out-of-body experiences & brings intuitive dreams; transmutes “lower” energy to higher frequency; transmutes negativity to love; can stabilize psychiatric conditions but should not be used in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia.

CAUTION: Amethyst fades in sunlight!


Some Rose Quartz Properties***: Stone of unconditional love & infinite peace; teaches the true essence of love; purifies & opens the heart at all levels; brings deep inner healing & self-love; calming; reassuring; excellent for use in trauma or crisis; gently draws off negative energy & replaces it with loving energy; has been used in the treatment of  vertigo; rejuvenating for both physical body & emotions; heals emotional wounds; provides message that there is no need for haste in any situation; brings calmness & clarity to emotions; restores the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations; diminish burns & relieve blistering due to heat.

CAUTION: Rose Quartz  fades in sunlight!


Some Prasiolite Properties***: Stone of “Namaste”, the recognition of the Divine within all beings, and helps one remain aware of this truth; helps one to “walk the talk” of spirituality; assists in expressing personal emotion; links the energy of the heart chakra with the crown chakra; opens both the crown chakra and third eye; activates inner vision; can be a catalyst for the identification with the Higher Self; assists in bringing spiritual ideals into expression in everyday life; reminds one to love and bless others, seeing to the Divine essence within them; helps bring focus to a heart based perspective; helps link the physical aspect of the Human Self with the spiritual aspects of the Higher Self; brings the higher vibration of Divine through the heart and into the physical; helps bring a deep appreciation and acceptance of self for those with issues of lack of self-confidence or self-worth; excellent stone to connect the higher energy of the Source to the grounding energy of Earth, helping to facilitate powerful healing energy to flow from the heart into the Earth, removing discordant and negative energy and filling the space with the capacity for renewed growth; combining it with purple amethyst helps the potential for opening the full mind and heart to experience the Divine, amplifies the connection to the higher spiritual realms and helps to amplify any spiritual gift.

CAUTION: Prasiolite fades in sunlight!


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***Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. Crystals are very powerful, not to be used carelessly, not to be used as a joke, but treated with respect and used for the properties that they possess and for the highest good of all who come in contact with them. The Metaphysical Way is not responsible for adverse reactions to any crystals or jewelry. If an adverse reaction occurs, remove jewelry or crystal immediately and consult a medical professional.

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