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Some Amethyst Properties: Protection; Divine connection; purification; release addictions; guards against psychic attack; blocks negative environment energies; strong healing & cleansing powers; enhance spiritual awareness; communication with guides & angels; open & clear 3rd Eye & intuition; enhance psychic gifts; calm or stimulate the mind as appropriate; help in meditation; focus, less scattered; enhance assimilation of new ideas; help insomnia caused by overactive mind; help protect against recurrent nightmares; enhance memory; improve motivation, helping to set more realistic goals; help remember & understand dreams; facilitate visualization; promote emotional centering; dispel anger, rage, fear, anxiety, sadness & grief; encourage selflessness; sleeping with amethyst facilitates out-of-body experiences & brings intuitive dreams; transmutes “lower” energy to higher frequency; transmutes negativity to love; can stabilize psychiatric conditions but should not be used in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia.  CHEVRON AMETHYST: One of the best third eye stimulators; enhances inner, intuitive vision; enhances outer, physical vision; enhances out-of-body journey; has powerfully focused energy that dissipates and repels negativity; cleanses the aura; aids in auric diagnosis; helps find and implement positive answer to any problem; brings harmony to the organs; stimulates immune system CAUTION: Amethyst fades in sunlight!



Some Moonstone Properties***:  "Stone of new beginnings"; makes conscious the unconscious; promotes intuition, psychic abilities & empathy; calms & stabilizes emotions; enhances feminine energies & positive attributes of creativity & self-expression; evokes patience & appropriate action; teaches value of working with Divine timing; protection for travelers; talisman of good fortune; brings happiness to environment it resides; stimulate rejuvenation; treat disorders of the digestive & circulatory systems, water retention, hormonal problems, menstrual problems.


Some Sodalite Properties***:  Logic, truth of emotions, efficiency, self expression;  ease anxiety, panic attacks, confusion and phobias; deepens meditation.  Carrying during the day can help one to find efficient ways of dealing with daily tasks and problems.  Aid those studying symbolism and its role in the greater scheme by helping one to become aware of the patterns that can occur over the course of one's life.  Ease insomnia & balance metabolism.  

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***Not intended as a substitute for standard medical diagnosis or treatment. Crystals are very powerful, not to be used carelessly, not to be used as a joke, but treated with respect and used for the properties that they possess and for the highest good of all who come in contact with them. The Metaphysical Way is not responsible for adverse reactions to any crystals or jewelry. If an adverse reaction occurs, remove jewelry or crystal immediately and consult a medical professional.

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Good now through February 29, 2024

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